What we do

We are software developers specializing in website applications.

Do you need a password protected area on your website? A searchable knowledge base? A forum? Online calendar or appointment system? Application and database reporting? We can help.

We can build out any type of online tool or application that you need integrated into your website or company Intranet. We will assist you through each phase of your project from concept to programming to user interface design. Our expertise combines business strategy with web expertise that allows us to provide you the tools to help you stand apart from your competition.

Microsoft .NET Website Development

We specialize in .NET development for internet applications with primary expertise in C# and VB.NET programming languages. Our database platform of choice is Microsoft SQL Server. We have been providing Microsoft .NET development and professional consulting services for all versions since the beta release of the .NET framework.

Legacy Systems, Archiving, and Conversion

If your legacy system is ready to be retired we can help extract and archive your information. We have a wide range of experience in porting legacy data to a relational database format such as Microsoft SQL Server and web enabling the results if required. If your legacy code needs modifying we can help. We are ready to handle any project from minor code changes to large scale enterprises such as system conversions.

Ross Systems and Alpha/VAX

Although we concentrate on cutting edge .NET application development, we still retain our roots in programming and maintaining code on Alpha/VAX platforms and Ross ERP Systems such as Ross Classic Financials, Ross Classic Payroll, Ross iRenaissance / RenCS, and Gembase.

Damage Control

If your developers have left you high and dry, we can pick up your project and get it back on track.