Employee Benefit Enrollment - Employee Perspective

The employee signs onto the system for the first time using his/her employee id as both userid and password. No further progress is possible at this point until the employee enters and comfirms a password for his/her account. Once a valid password has been entered, the employee is passed to a welcome screen which at this time contains a link to a single option - My Benefits.

On clicking the My Benefits link the employee is presented with a form which shows the range of coverage choices available for each benefit type. Each potential choice is accompanied by a radio button. The employee's present choices are highlighted in yellow.

The employee reviews the form and makes any changes by clicking the radio buttons. When the selections have been made, the employee has a choice between two submit type buttons. [Review my selection] takes the employee to the Benefit Confirmation screen and [Start again] refreshes the form with the original values.

The Benefit Confirmation screen shows the employees benefit selections along with the accompanying prices and a total. At this point the employee can click [Save my Selection] to save his/her selections to the database, or [Choose again] to go back to the benefit selection form.