Employee Benefit Enrollment - Administrators Perspective

Administrators log in to the Online Benefit application using the same entry point as employees. The accounts are cross referenced with a module access table so that when a user logs in, a list available options is presented which can be tailored for each administrative user.

On successful log in, the administrator is presented with a list of options to populate and maintain the data in the online benefits database.

The tables in the online benefits database are populated by uploading and processing text files from the client's local PC.

Step 1: The user selects the part of the database to be populated or updated from the menu, then clicks on the [browse] button to locate the raw data file on a local drive.

Step 2: When the correct file has been selected and the path shows in the accompanying text box the user clicks the [upload and process this file] button. This action causes the text file to be automatically uploaded, and the contents validated and loaded into the database.

Providing the raw data can be collected in the form of a delimited text file, we can write scripts to process and load it into an online database.
For this particular client we also wrote the programs to extract the data from a Ross HR/Payroll System residing on an Alpha platform running OpenVMS.

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